Lebovic 3d Building / 3d-visualization
Lebovic 3d Building
3d Building Visualization / 3d-visualization
3d Building Visualization
Campus 3d Rendering / 3d-visualization
Campus 3d Rendering
Clarke Bath 3D visualization / 3d-visualization
Clarke Bath 3D visualization
3D Architecture drone video / 3d-visualization
3D Architecture drone video
Unistik 3 Medical Animation / 3d-visualization
Unistik 3 Medical Animation
3D Medical Asthma Animation / 3d-visualization
3D Medical Asthma Animation
LMA 3D Medical Animation / 3d-visualization
LMA 3D Medical Animation
3D Building Animation / 3d-visualization
3D Building Animation
3D Interior Animation / 3d-visualization
3D Interior Animation
3D Commercial Building / 3d-visualization
3D Commercial Building
Pandora Jewelry 3D Bracelet / 3d-visualization
Pandora Jewelry 3D Bracelet
BigFish 3D Product / 3d-visualization
BigFish 3D Product
3D Engineering Animation / 3d-visualization
3D Engineering Animation
3D Watch Poster / 3d-visualization
3D Watch Poster
3D Turbine / 3d-visualization
3D Turbine
Wrist Armor 3D Watch / 3d-visualization
Wrist Armor 3D Watch
ICON4x4 Ford Bronco 3D Visualization / 3d-visualization
ICON4x4 Ford Bronco 3D Visualization
Private Jet 3D Visualization / 3d-visualization
Private Jet 3D Visualization
3D Kitchen Lamp / 3d-visualization
3D Kitchen Lamp
Biodrier 3D Product / 3d-visualization
Biodrier 3D Product
Clarke 3D Bath / 3d-visualization
Clarke 3D Bath
Biontech 3D Water Ionizer / 3d-visualization
Biontech 3D Water Ionizer
3D Sofa Rendering / 3d-visualization
3D Sofa Rendering
3D Lamp Catalog Poster / 3d-visualization
3D Lamp Catalog Poster
3D Sofa Color Change / 3d-visualization
3D Sofa Color Change
Floor Customization System / 3d-visualization
Floor Customization System
3D Sofa Color Customization / 3d-visualization
3D Sofa Color Customization
3D Lamp / 3d-visualization
3D Lamp
Whistler 3D Packaging / 3d-visualization
Whistler 3D Packaging
Philips Marathon 3D rendering / 3d-visualization
Philips Marathon 3D rendering
3D Medial Devices / 3d-visualization
3D Medial Devices
3D Office Rendering / 3d-visualization
3D Office Rendering
3D Business Interior / 3d-visualization
3D Business Interior
3D Modern Office Rendering / 3d-visualization
3D Modern Office Rendering
3D Real Estate Rendering / 3d-visualization
3D Real Estate Rendering
House 3D Rendering / 3d-visualization
House 3D Rendering
Houses 3D Rendering / 3d-visualization
Houses 3D Rendering
Office 3D Rendering / 3d-visualization
Office 3D Rendering
House Interior 3D Rendering / 3d-visualization
House Interior 3D Rendering
Kitchen 3D Rendering / 3d-visualization
Kitchen 3D Rendering
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Phone numbers available: 9:00am - 7:00pm,
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CGFolks is experienced Digital Production Studio. We provide technical and artistic leadership working on a specific projects. Our Studio offers end-to-end services in Animation, Motion Capture, Visualization, VFX and Gaming content by focussing on consistent quality and ON-TIME DELIVERY.

Our goal is an attention to detail. We are very flexible with the style providing photographic realism, cartoon style or digital painting if project require it.

CGFolks has an excellent organisational, communication and project management skills, linked up with technical understanding of CG projects pipelines and the ability to specify efficient workflows make us a good partner for any CG project.

CGFolks develops and produces high-end content for films, tv, commercials and mobile.

Our services include but not limited to:

  • Budget estimation breakdown - is the starting point for every production. Its a process where we can help you in refining your needs and in finding solutions to overcome any challenges that arise.
  • Conceptual Work & Storyboarding - it is translating clients needs into creative and innovative design before real production begin.
  • Digital Environments - from animated vegetation to a full-CG scenes.
  • 3D Character, Products, Vehicles and Architecture - CGFolks easily can replace or reproduce real vehicles, products & characters with CGI/3D ones.
  • Digital Compositing - include but not limited to: digital illumination, rotoscopy, digital painting, digital make-over, sky replacement...etc